It has been a very tiring journey!

Mid-day, and we're already exhausted. This was taken near, Leida, Spain. The weather has actually been below freezing, and we came prepared for late Spring temperatures. The mountains are covered in snow and the locals are complaining about the fact that it SHOULD be nice by now. 

Jane and I don't have our regular riding shoes, just sandals, so we've been using plastic shopping bags to keep our feet warm and dry. Yes, it has been raining as well, along with 30 km headwinds, it has been a challenge.

We've ridden 650 km from Barcelona and are currently in Sahagun, Spain, nearing Leon, Spain. It has been a challenge. I have been on the air on the ham radio a few times, but it is difficult to predict when will be the next time, survival is more important at the moment. I did get on yesterday, but then there was a big contest going, and my little peanut whistler wasn't too effective in getting through all the noise. I worked one station in France. As yet, no American contacts, although I have heard a few stations.

WiFi connections are often difficult to find, so I haven't been posting much here. Since I also spend considerable time maintaining the bicycles, Jane has had more time to post photos and information on her blog at , I suggest you hop over there and check it out, she's doing a really good job.

Sorry this is so short, I'm really tired and need to rest. More to follow when there is time.

Dennis, K1YPP

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