Radio Amateur activity from K1YPP this summer.

Many of the Three Hundred Zeroes readers are radio amateurs (hams). The previous post describes my wanderings around Europe this summer. If you're a radio amateur, I'd want to invite you to try and connect with me while hiking/biking this summer.

Starting in early May, until possibly mid-October, I should be active on Morse code (CW) from Spain, Portugal, U.K., Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland and possibly Germany and Denmark. As yet, there are no firm plans, so many things can go wrong on a journey of this magnitude, so it wouldn't be wise to plan too precisely. If you're a ham over there, please do contact me, maybe we can meet along the way!

I will attempt to operate from each of those countries and as a rule will operate on the 40/30/20 meter bands. Most often, I will be found on the 40 meter band, that seems to be the most popular and reliable. I managed to work four stateside stations last time, and I didn't have that much time to actually operate, this time, I should have considerably more time.

Whenever possible, if I can find a WiFi connection, I will post my activity on the site. This is a site that “Tweets” short messages about operator activity. Since I won't have a cell phone that works in Europe, I will have to hope I can find a WiFi connection so I can Tweet from my Kindle. I was fairly successful doing this in 2011, on the Spain tour, so it should work well again.

So, dust off the old Morse code key, keep an eye on and I hope to hear you while out there.



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  • 4/28/2013 11:29 AM Elizabeth Chandler wrote:
    Are you blogging on your current trip? If so, what is the link for it?
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    1. 5/26/2013 2:53 PM Dennis wrote:
      Yes, I am, but the WiFi connections have been so difficult to find, and by the end of the day, there just isn't much energy left to write anything. The bicycle ride from Barcelona to Santiago, Spain has be extremely demanding. Hopefully, things will settle down and permit more time for writing. I have had very little time to get on the air with the ham radio as well. Thanks for asking.


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