Climate changing?

In this morning's paper, it was talking about temperatures in the midwest running 30° F above normal. Chicago has been running like this for 8 out of the last 9 days! It claimed the low temperatures for the day are running above the high records for the day. It is still March folks! This morning I was looking at a trail journal report from some friends that are currently hiking the Appalachian Trail and they've been bothered by gnats:

"To add to the overall fun three quarters of the day anytime we stopped for more than 30 seconds we would be swarmed with biting gnats!"

Gnats? In March, at high altitudes? They should be complaining about knee-deep snow. Something very strange is afoot in  our weather. If they're seeing gnats already, I can just picture the mosquito population this year.

Dennis, "K1"

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